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It’s no secret having a side hustle in your life can be incredible. Be a part of one of the Fastest growing beauty companies ever! It’s truly been an amazing experience, and we are just getting started.

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Want to learn more about becoming an Affiliate?

Whether you are here to check out our amazing Lash System or Learn more about the business side of Tori Belle, you’re in the right place! They have been a game changer to my makeup routine as a busy twin Mama and life changing too!
Laura Hunter 
CEO of
Tori Belle Cosmetics
Photo: Amy Slusher

Tori Belle was created by Laura Hunter. She’s a talented business woman, Photographer and Makeup Artist, and Mom to two beautiful girls, Victoria and Isabelle. (Hence the Company name Tori Belle!) She saw a need for easier and safer Lashes anyone could apply, so she took matters into her own hands and Invented the First ever Patent Pending Magnetic Eyeliner! She felt strongly that her Magnetic Lash System could make a great basis for a business opportunity and that it would create something special where anyone was welcome. On June 11, 2019, Tori Belle Cosmetics launched and Laura’s dream became a reality. Her company now has over 30,000 Affiliates and her Lashes are helping women from all over feel more Confident and beautiful!

Laura’s Amazing Story – LOVE her!
A short video I made about our first year!

Here is the real deal. It was one of the easiest, decisions I have made…. and it’s turned out to be one of the Best too. As a busy Mama to 3 year old Twins, it has given me a boost in confidence, the ability to earn a great income from home from my computer, precious friendships, and the fulfillment of helping others do the same.

A fresh Start

Our Beauty Company is only a year old! There is something SO special about being in the first years and jumping in to an Opportunity that can be life truly changing. Our Lash Team is unlike anything I have been a part of. And guess what? Tori Belle welcomes you from any other Company out there! That is HUGE. This allows you to Elevate your other passions with ours.

Find your Tribe

One thing I LOVE about our Company is that it is for Everyone. There is no certain “type” of Affiliate or “Age” or “Background!” It truly can be amazing for you wherever you are at in your life. College student, stay at home mom, full time working, and beyond. All you need is the drive to help others feel more confident and passion for growing something really special. Now is the time for sure to begin!

JUNE 2020


Let’s talk Money for a minute, okay? This can be a fun side hustle for you to earn your Lashes for Free, Or this opportunity can be a Full time income for you and your family. It is totally up to you what you want to make it.

“At tori belle, we offer one of the highest payouts in Affiliate commissions starting at 25% increasing to 40% each month depending on what you’ve sold. There is no minimum requirements to earn on your retail sales, which offers you flexibility and zero pressure to perform or meet quotas.”

You always earn 25% from the start AND you always can earn Free product credits! During your first full 2 and 6 months, you are Eligible for Quick Start Bonuses that help reward you for jumping in strong with Extra Free Product credits and Cash Bonuses!

“Our Affiliate program not only provides a way for you to be paid on your entire organization, but it pays at 100% on your teams retail sales. This is huge! We don’t assign a discounted commissionable volume when paying team pay and bonuses. If you are being paid 8% on your first level that sold $1000, your level bonus would be 8% of the $1000. Almost all direct sale companies reduce the commissionable volume to 70% all the way down to 30% on some products. This means if it was reduced to 70% you would only be paid 8% on $700, not the full $1000. At tori belle, we believe in honest pay, and don’t hide discounted commissionable values in the small print of our comp plan.” – Tori Belle Cosmetics

It has been such a blessing for our little family! And knowing it’s just the beginning is So exciting!

Ps- The way our Personal Commissions works, is dependent on your Sales you always earn back 25% up to 40%. So when you reach different amounts that bumps to higher earning potential! You earn off 100% of the total Volume amount too. Any personal purchases you earn from and they count towards your Team Sales.

Trainings and Personal Growth

Tori Belle offers amazing weekly Live trainings and we have an Incredible Training program (in an app form too) to fully set you up for success! From product knowledge to helping give you the business tools for your Social Media and beyond! I am 100% committed to helping you reach your personal goals!

Personal Shopping Website

As soon as you purchase your Affiliate Kit to start, you will receive a link to your Personal Shopping Website and Back Office website. So you are ready to share your business and start earning commissions right away! Your websites are included in your first 3 Months of business and then you website fees are only $9 a month! That’s it! No annual fee either, Hooray!

Check out My Shop Site here!

More Than Lashes

Of course our Patent Pending Magnetic Eyeliner and Patent Pending Magnetic Mascara are the pillars of our Company, but we will eventually have a full cosmetics line! We have Shimmer and Matte eyeshadows, an Amazing “P3 Primer”, “Shake it Off” Makeup Remover and recently a gorgeous Nude palette and Lip Plumping Gloss! Trust me there are some amazing exclusive to us products coming in the future.

No Stock or Auto Ship

One awesome thing is you are not required to keep Stock or order in bulk. (Which you Can if you want to keep them in stock at your Small non franchised Salon or Boutique to sell in person or at a Vendor Event.)

“You will never be required to be on an auto ship to earn your Affiliate pay. We never ask our Affiliates to stock up on products or keep inventory. We not only drop ship all orders shipped within the US for you, but we will do it for free! You read that correctly, we ship within the US for free when first class mail option is selected.” – Tori Belle Cosmetics

Free Shipping… heck yes!

It’s time for You to Shine!

I truly can say it was one of the best decisions I have made to be in the Tori Belle family. I encourage you to check out our opportunity and be a part of something that can be life changing for you!

Join My Lash Team below and get Started Today!

Choose from our Lash Kits ( These do change up! )

Wonderlash Affilate Kit
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Summer Beauty Favorites

This Blog post contains affiliate links. An Affiliate link means I may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you. Thank you for keeping my beauty blog afloat!

Summer Beauty Favorites

Hey Babe!!!

First off, I cannot believe its August already! Goodness. Although if you are like me….you may be hopeful for 2021, LOL. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite makeup products I’ve been loving this Summer!

So here is a list and why I love them. I love to try new products all the time and in my opinion… you can never have enough makeup! 


Definitely start with a good skincare routine. The better you take care of your skin, the better your makeup application will be! I have been LOVING this City Beauty Serum. You can read more about it on this post.


Regardless of your skin type, Primer is a MUST. It helps prep your skin for a beautiful finish. This affordable primer “You Better Work” from Essence is legit. Just a couple sprays evenly over you face, let dry and you are ready to go! 


Ok…. I am REAL picky about Foundation. I have been using the Loreal Infallible fresh wear a while, but I was ready to change it up. I have been really impressed with this foundation by Makeup Revolution. It’s a full coverage foundation and is great for oily skin. If you are dry, they do have a hydrating formula too! It has a nice doe foot applicator too which is nice to not have to pour it out as well. It also has an impressive shade range with warm, cool, and neutral.  

“Makeup Revolution’s Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation offers lightweight yet buildable coverage in 50 skin-true shades, this versatile foundation is designed to suit every skin type and tone. With an oil-free yet creamy and comfortable formula that dries down to a long-lasting, demi-matte finish, it won’t settle into fine lines or cling to dry patches. Housed in a luxe glass bottle with a jumbo doe-foot applicator for greater control and less waste, this foundation offers highly pigmented coverage that can be layered or diffused to suit your look.” – Makeup Revolution


I have been using this L’oreal Infallible Shaping stick to quickly Contour a while and still love it! Seriously… Contouring is LIFE. Your face has dimension, and you won’t get it without contouring with just solid foundation. I quickly swipe the “Honey’ shaping stick on my contour areas and placing where you like to minimize, and it blends lovely! I like to dab a cream illuminator on the brush I use to blend for extra glow! (They have it at Walmart or Walgreens usually.)


This Essence concealer means BUSINESS. I mean it covers everything. I love to apply it where I want to brighten, and then use a damp beauty sponge to blend. A little bit goes a long way. I use the Light Ivory for a brighter pop. 

“You’ll never know they’re there! Essence Camouflage + Matte Concealer completely covers dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness, pimples, and tattoos. The waterproof formula doesn’t crease or sit in fine lines. The concealer will make your skin look brighter, firmer-looking, and smoother. Paraben free. No Animal Testing” – Essence

Setting Powder

I love a good setting powder to “bake” while I do my eye makeup and lashes. It really helps to draw a line of powder where your eye makeup will end so you don’t get much shadow fall out a crisper edge. I love this Elf Halo Glow Powder. It has a good brightening effect and is affordable too! 

Why Bronzer? It helps liven up your skin and helps deepen your contoured areas for a perfect glow! Can you tell I love Essence products? HAHA. This over sized “Sun Club” bronzer blends pretty and stays on great.
“Sunkissed glow! The Essence Sun Club Luminous Bronzing Powder takes your bronzer to the next level. The beautiful satin finish adds a gorgeous glow to your sunkissed look.”- Essence

  • Vegan
  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty Free


This Tori Belle The Works Brow Gel is the bees knees. I mean once it is dry, it doesn’t move. It’s waterproof and comes in 4 shades too. I use the Black or the Dark Brown! I LOVE it. You can either grab in the gel pot alone or with the brow kit! You can shop it here.



Our Tori Belle eyeshadow palettes are my fav! They have such good pigment and the palettes last forever! The flat Earth pallete is matte shades that are universally flattering. I love the Wine and Terracotta. They are very buildable and create a soft smokey eye.  You can grab this pallete here. 

Eyeliner (for wing)

If you love a SUPER sharp wing, this eyeliner is AMAZING. I always love a good wing… it just warms my heart. This Essence Super Fine waterproof eyeliner is so sharp, you don’t even have to clean it up with concealer. #blessings. It goes great under our magnetic eyeliner too. You can find it here. 

“Oh so fine! The Essence Superfine Waterproof Eyeliner Pen has an ultra slim felt tip applicator for precise application and is now available in waterproof! Long lasting formula. Ideal for creating fine and subtle lines or extravagant and dramatic ones. Not tested on animals.”

You know…. I usually use our Ivory Glow for Illuminator all the time! It’s actually a Tori Belle eyeshadow palette, but the shimmer tones make great illuminators. It’s a pretty shimmer pink that pops perfect on your cheekbones and nose! You can find it here. 


I literally never use just one lip product. I normally like to mix shades and make colors up! I LOVE the (you guessed it) Essence Contouring Lip Liner in “The Big Proposal.”

I generally for lipstick either wear Tori Belle “Seashell” or NYX “Sugar Wafer.” And then add a touch of gloss on top! 

For Gloss I love the Elf MegaLast Liquid Catsuit in “Caught you Bare Naked.” Alone it is LIGHT, but when you add a touch of it in the center it is lovely! 






fav gloss toppper

So as most of you know I share these amazing Lashes. And I love stacking different styles to make different looks! For a more natural look, I went with our classic 9 to 5 and stacked one set of Epic Illusion lashes (which are coming back soon!) 

You can check out alll the details in my latest YouTube video below and purchase Lashes here.

Magnetic Lashes

If you check out these products, let me know! Hope you have a wonderful August and take care! 

Beauty Industry and Shop Owner Opportunity

The perfect addition for anyone in the beauty industry or small boutique owners.

I want to start out by saying I know this year has been really tough for anyone in the beauty industry and small shops. And I know that Covid has really affected everyone in some way. I also know it’s been a hard time financially too for so many.  

Before the twins came, I did hair and makeup professionally full time. As time went on I worked here and there, but I was craving another outlet that provided my passions for helping others feel their best, and in turn it became a HUGE blessing for us for an extra income. This year I have been incredibly grateful for my lash business and the freedom it brings us. 

It really is such an easy addition to anyone in the beauty industry or if you have a Boutique business. You already have that special relationship with your clientele and customers and not only can you provide them a gorgeous and safe lash option, it helps build an extra stream of income for you. So many talented lash artist, brow artist, and more have joined Team Lashville, and I am honored to have them! 

Not only could you share lashes with your customers, if you have a Salon or Boutique, you have the option of signing up your business and displaying your Lashes in your retail space. ” (There are a few policies and procedures on retail, so contact me for details.) This is HUGE. A lot of time companies won’t let you buy in bulk orders, and they always ship totally FREE. And you can earn Cash back when you order certain amounts of product! 

Some of our Gorgeous Magnetic Lash Styles

I love how many uses you can get from our Magnetic Lashes. If you are gentle with them they can last you for months. (Safely you can get 20-30 wears.) And now we proudly offer the First Ever Made in the USA Magnetic Eyeliner! 

Play Video

Amazing Options for Bridal Parties

One great thing is you could either choose to carry stock or have Tori Belle ship for free to your customer. That way if you wanted to have some on hand you could, or you could have a small display as well! It really can be whatever you want it to be that suits your business. There are some gorgeous display products too! 

Maximize your customer base with quality products they will keep coming back for...

There are some bulk order suggestions. You do not have to do a bulk order, but this way you can see some ideas and profit margins! Also you do not have to be a business owner or in the beauty industry to be an Affiliate.

Do you want to see the package Ideas and get more info? Fill out this form and let's chat!

If you decide to join me, you will sign up like every Affiliate does, and you may choose to use your LLC instead of your Name for tax purposes. Feel free to use the Chat button to ask me any questions! 


Tori Belle is turning One!

One year down and many more to go!

I can’t believe Tori Belle launched One year ago tomorrow! It has really flown by. I will never forget when I got an email about it forming, from being an Affiliate with our parent Company, and thinking….. “Oh my Gosh. I have to do this!!” I didn’t even ask Michael, LOL. 

I really knew deep down it was going to be special. I was fortunate to pre-enroll and be one the first 30 people to join! I quickly learned this was going to be a whole new level of being a part of a beauty Company and am SO grateful to have an amazing group of ladies from all over the US! 

Being a Leader with Tori Belle has been so rewarding and really pushed me to learn and grow. Being in the first year can have it’s challenges and you learn that working through things together makes it 100% worth it. 

I know this really is the beginning, and way more than just lashes. It’s helping others reach their goals and seeing them gain new confidence. 

I love that we are a diverse group, from all walks of life, and Everyone is welcome. I know that there isn’t a mold for a Tori Belle Affiliate. If you want to take hold of this Opportunity and Run, YOU can do it too.


A Look Back

Oh boy… my first Tori Belle tutorial. Thankfully they got better over time, ha ha! You gotta start somewhere. It’s been awesome to grow with my editing skills too! It’s so fun! 

This was my first before and after pic with “Selfie” lashes! They are still my favorite til this day! 

Flash Join Special June 11th!

Love these Team Lashville ladies so much! 

To celebrate our Birthday on June 11th, there will be a flash Join special during our Live celebration from 3-6 PST on our Facebook page! and through this link! 

During this time you’ll be able to join and become an Affiliate with an exclusive deal! This is super exciting and something we’ve never done! 

Check out this graphic below on why Tori Belle is so wonderful! Whether you are ready for a side hustle or an Opportunity you can work full time, we have something for everyone and every schedule! 

If you are ready to take the leap, Join below during our Birthday celebration tomorrow, June 11th from 3-6 PST! Thats 4-7 in CST! If you have any questions, email me at Russo.mua@yahoo.com or use the chat bubble! 

Cheers to a wonderful year, and many more to come! 

If you want to join my new Customer and Tutorial Group on Facebook click here