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    I want to remind you that You are Amazing. Stop doubting what you are capable of.

    I want to encourage you to believe that you have what is takes… whatever your dreams or goals may be. 

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    New Gel Nail Strips!

    I am so excited!!!!

    Last night we launched our New Gel Strips nail line! I’m in Love!!! They are gel nail strips that TWO mani’s on one sheet and multiple accent nail styles!

    They are SO CUTE!!!!

    Our gel strips provide salon results without the hassle! We’re proud to offer 10 styles to choose from for any and every occasion! Each set comes with 14 dual-sided nail strips, 12 accent nail strips, 2 alcohol wipes, 1 file, and 1 cuticle stick. The best part? Our gel strips are 10-free and you can get up to 2 manicures from each set!

    What makes them different?

    Our 10 Nail Styles


    A soft pink with gorgeous rose gold accents makes the perfect elegant nail look! Maybe you don’t have the trust fund, but the beauty is on point.


    Elegant in white is right! Runaway Bride is the perfect blend of beautiful, fun accents combined with a classic neutral look.


    Sparkles all around… these gel strips are sure to brighten your day and catch the attention of everyone nearby! Rosé isn’t only for sipping!


    Feeling a little feisty? Moves Like Jaguar is the perfect choice that combines a neutral nail with a bold accent that will have you channeling your inner jungle goddess!


    Wanting something simple? Crown Royale offers 5 beautiful shades of purple to create a luxurious, trendy ombré look!


    Feeling a little daring? Miami Beet offers a bold look with some added sparkle that will give anyone a confidence boost!


    Who doesn’t love a bold, red nail? Especially when it comes with 3D textured accent nails that take this staple look to the next level!


    Missing warm weather and the beach? We hear you! Havana Ooh La La will remind you of the sounds of the ocean and the feeling of warm sand under your toes!


    Pier Pressure combines a rich navy blue with eye-catching gold accents to create a classic, gorgeous look for any night out or night in!


    We are taking the basic black mani and spicing it up with two exciting accent nails. This set is perfect for anyone who likes to mix things up!

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    City Lips Lip Plumper Review

    Disclaimer* This post contains Affiliate links where I make a small commission from purchases made. Thank you!

    Meet my favorite Lip Plumper

    photo- City Beauty

    You ready for this before and after?……..

    Before City Lips

    Before- No makeup or lip products

    After 10 minutes of using City Lips Clear

    I actually put it on before a shower and this was 10 minutes!

    Can you say HELLO LIP PLUMPER?!!! I mean this works and it does not burn at all. Just a couple swipes and let the magic begin! I love that it has a comfortable feel to it and is not sticky.

    It’s an awesome lip product for year round too for added moisture!

    Let’s chat about the details shall we….

    City Lips is a plumping lip gloss that provides both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips. It helps restore the look of healthy lips by delivering deep hydration for instant plumping and long-lasting comfort, while smoothing out the appearance of lip lines & wrinkles.

    The gorgeous shades


    “You’ll notice results almost instantly after you put it on.

    Imagine a lip plumping treatment that works like a regular lip gloss…but contains innovative ingredients that supports healthy skin under your lips.

    Think of it as skincare for your lips – providing the nourishment your skin needs to repair the underlying structure…so your lips maintain their healthy, youthful appearance on its own.

    It’s all in the ingredients:

    Hyaluronic Acid plumps, smooths and hydrates on contact. It’s commonly used as the filler in lip injections. But in City Lips, it’s precision-engineered to be absorbed through the skin so it doesn’t need to be injected.

    Oligopeptides are natural amino acids, which support your body’s normal collagen production. Which we all know… more collagen equals plumper, more youthful looking lips.

    In fact, one study performed specifically on women with thin, dry lips showed that oligopeptides… decreased lip wrinkles by 29% and increased lip volume by up to 40%… in just 28 days!

    And finally, natural moisturizers such as jojoba oil and ylang ylang flower oil gives the formula it’s thickness so it stays on for hours of lasting comfort.

    Unlike any other lip solutions that ultimately leave your lips dry or cause more damage, the City Lips formula has ingredients designed to revive the health of your lips. So they look beautiful and healthy on their own.”

    – City Beauty

    Ready to shop now? Save 15% with the Code “JENRUSSO”

    City Lips Swatches

    photo – bridget nicole
    photo- every day teacher style
    photo – city beauty

    Here’s a short video about City Lips!

    The Discount

    So after all the details, you can see why I love this lip plumper!

    And I have a discount code just for you!

    SAVE 15% with the code JENRUSSO at check out!

    Grab a couple! I love them ALL!

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    February Beauty Favorites!

    Hey sweet friends! What a month January was! I mean it is was AMAZING. So many great things going on and I am so grateful!

    I thought I would do a good break down of my current beauty favorites!

    The Line Up

    Also… I chopped my hair off more and LOVE IT. haha.

    Prep- Juvenaé Anti Aging Cream

    You guys….. if you have ONE product in to use as a moisturizer and anti-aging portion of your routine, our Anti-Aging cream is the BOMB. I mean my skin has NEVER looked this good. Smaller pores, lighter sun spots, the power to heal my scar, no break outs, I mean it does it all! It is not your average skincare cream, it has powerful stem cell proteins that repair levels deep! One cream will last me a couple months.

    AND if you become an Ambassador for only 49 bucks, you get a discount on all of our products including the skincare with no minimum for a year!

    graphic- Jennifer dutchess


    Foundation- Estée Lauder double wear – 3N1

    I actually recently fell in love with this foundation! It is a bit pricey… but a little goes a long way! It has awesome coverage and is good for oily skin too.

    Here are the shades in double wear!

    Contour Stick

    Contour- L’Oréal infallible longwear shaping stick – Honey

    I’ve loved using this shaping stick to contour a good year now! It’s fast and blends like a dream! You can contour your face quick and its not chalky like most sticks are. Contouring is LIFE. It really shapes and defines your features.

    They do have several shades and Honey is a warm bronze tone.
    Here is an example of where to contour

    Concealer to brighten

    Concealer- Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer– Fair Beige

    A little goes a long way! I use a damp sponge to blend it in to brighten my face after I contour! It is a stronger coverage and can help your under eyes be like, “HELLOOOO.”

    This concealer means business.

    Setting Powder to “bake”

    ✨Setting Powder- Airspun – Translucent

    You guys…. this powder has been around since 1935. LIKE WHAT?! I always go back to it. It’s a beauty staple. Bake your highlighted areas and set your face with this magical powder. Trust me.


    ✨Bronzer- revolution pro “brighter than my future” palette

    currently out of stock.. but this Revolution palette is pretty close!

    I LOVE BRONZER. END OF STORY. Ha! It really livens up your look and warms up your skin! This palette is out of stock but a lot of beauty brands have a great bronzer!


    This is a must have brow product! It has the brush, pomade, and spoolie in one! It is intense so a little goes a long way!

    ✨Brows- Nyx Dip, shape, go – black

    Eyeshadow palette

    ✨Eyeshadow Palette-Morphe Bronze Goals

    These colors are GORGEOUS. The pigment is great! Be sure to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend because they can go on strong. These tones would look beautiful on anyone! I got this palette at Ulta!

    SWOON these colors!!! photo- morphe

    Lip products

    ✨Lip Liner- Essence soft contouring pencil- lost in love

    This lip pencil is a must for a pinky nude lip. You can easily make your lips look fuller with this pencil and it stays on great!

    Liquid Lipstick

    ✨Lipstick – wet n wild liquid catsuit “caught you bare naked”

    I know I know…. what a name. This liquid lipstick is THICK. But dab a little and it’s such a pretty cool nude pink!

    ✨Illuminator- Seint “Angel”

    I actually used to sell this brand years ago! It was called Maskcara Beauty before. I still use the lip products! If you want this illuminator you can grab it from my friend Katie here! I like to use it as a lip topper on my cupid’s bow and at the center on my bottom lip for a little shimmery pop.

    Lashes and Adhesive Eyeliner

    Flawless Adhesive Eyeliner- Flawless Eyeliner- Black

    Lashes- Faux Mink Dahlia

    You already know how OBSESSED I am with our lash line. They are so easy and mess free! We have a new style Sweet Pea too!

    Here I am wearing our Black liner and biggest lash Dahlia! You can get a lash, cleansing oil to remove the liner, and the eyeliner pen for $49!

    You can purchase our lashes here and the tips are here!

    Dahlia Bundle

    Here is all of our current styles!

    25 wears and cruelty free, vegan, and latex free!

    Full tutorial using these products!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Be sure to subscribe and contact me anytime with questions!