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I don’t need to list off all the reasons I love it here. I think if you are in this industry, we all look for similar pieces to the puzzle and the rest of it, is how much you are willing to invest in yourself and the people around you.

God will put all the pieces together for you. All you have to do is just LET GO and FLY.

DIY lash extensions 16mm volume stacked

Meet our Brands

Taka GLO – The Ultimate Beauty Drink

Important – If you order be sure to become a Preferred Customer! It’s FREE for you and super Flexible. You can pause, edit, cancel, ect…. super easy.

Here’s the thing….. I am NOT a Wellness gal and I am SHOCKED how much I love GLO…. I cannot go a day without it!

WHY IT”S GREAT – zero sugar or sucralose – 3g premium collagen – packed with vitamins – superfoods + minerals – sustains cravings -made in the USA – taste amazing – skin hydration – reduces inflammation and More!

I love that it is manufactered in house in Dallas. Ingredients are SUPER important to Mark and he makes sure we have safe and natural ingredients.

The PINA COLADA is my jam. It’s a TREAT…. and it’s healthy for you!

Mango Dragonfruit Taka Glo


Does Globallee’s TAKA™ Contain Sugar? Globallee’s TAKA™ contains natural flavors and a natural sweetener called Stevia. Stevia is a plant that grows in many parts of the world and contains parts of the leaf that are naturally sweet. Stevia does not contain sugar and allows TAKA™ to be delicious and flavorful with no added sugar.

How Many TAKA™ Can I Drink Each Day? The directions on the packaging state “mix with 8 – 12 oz of cold, purified water and drink throughout the day as desired”. Most customers drink 1 – 3 packages of TAKA™ each day. It is not recommended to drink more than 4 or 5 TAKA™ per day.

What Is A Retail Customer?Ordering as a Retail Customer means you are making a one-time purchase.

What Is A Preferred Customer?Ordering as a Preferred Customer means you will be getting at least a 20% discount and are set up with an auto-shipment. This can be cancelled, paused, or changed at any time. You are the one in control. 

Not only do we stand behind our products… we have a 60 DAY Return Policy!



I love that our Stand Out Beauty Line offers THREE lines of Lashes! DIY, INSTA-LASH and the DUOS.


Read more about our New DIY Lashes HERE.



Stand Out Lashes DUOS in “Fearless” featuring Skylar 😉

♥︎ You get Two pairs of faux mink strip lashes (Cotton band & comfortable!) ♥︎ Clear adhesive eyeliner that’s sweat proof & water resistant ♥︎ Eraser remover spray for easily removing the liner! *Included*


The hold is AMAZING and sweat away because these bad boys don’t budge.


Stand Out LASH was created to make women around the world feel BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT! Included in each collection are all the tools you need to customize your own salon-quality lashes in record time: 3 sets STAND OUT lashes in natural, winged and glam, a Insta-Lash bond for application and an applicator tool. These have tiny magnets to help guide the band to the liner!


(also available individually in Medium and Dark)

Stand Out Tanning Mousse is a lightweight sunless tanner that instantly delivers a natural, wearable glow enriched with Cocoa Butter to condition and hydrate for nourished, healthy skin. Our paraben free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and all-natural formula has a color for everyone from our Everyday SUNRISE Tan Extender to Medium or Dark SUNSET Tanning Mousse.

THIS SELF TANNER IS AMAZING. I am super picky and it develops to such a gorgeous tone!

To start I recommend the Kit and it is only $69.99 for Preferred Customers!

This Tanner is AMAZING. Comes in Medium or Dark!

Collagen Peptides

Our Collagen Peptides are incredible! My hair and skin has NEVER looked better!


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Let’s chat Opportunity

There’s a lot of things I look in a Company. Stability, a comp plan that rewards someone with only Customers, and Leaders that want to build a Team, quality and high demand products, experienced Corporate staff, great Customer Service, global scale, on trend products… the list is long. Globallee/Stand Out Beauty fit ALL of the boxes for me. After being here since July 2021, I can truly say what a special place it is to be here. Real people and Real products.

Another thing I LOVE is they have Wholesale options for Boutiques and Salons! That is HUGE. Message me to check out what that entails!

Being able to do this from home with my 5 year old twins is LIFE. It is such a blessing to work when you want and have the ability to make an awesome income, and grow as much as you want to!

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