Becoming an Artist

Update: I have a ton more info on  this recent post!

Let me start off by saying you do Not have to be a licensed Makeup Artist to be a Maskcara Artist! Say What?! It’s true!

Anyone that has a passion for helping others by showing them their true beauty will be an amazing part of this company. If you are a makeup artist, Maskcara is an amazing addition to your artistry and life changer! I have been so impressed with the incredible team I’m on and the valuable learning tools they offer is top notch. It’s genuinely a community of support and love. That is so rare these days!

Our founder, Cara, could of sold her company to huge retailers but she chose to keep it as an artist community to stay personable and to grow organically.

What you need to get started:

The start up makeup kits are AMAZING and have everything in them you need to begin your journey. There are two choices which is great. If you have any questions about being an artist I’m happy to help you! I’m seriously an open book. It’s so much more than makeup and I’m here to help you discover that you have what it takes and that you are capable of so much more than you can dream!


You get so much to start with inside your kit! And you can earn credits from sales and get free Makeup to keep you going! Holla!

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