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My Amazon Makeup Favorites

There are amazon linked products on this post. I make a small commission if you use the link below. I appreciate you!

Here are my go to makeup products! I wanted to put them in one central spot so it was easy to reference.

✨Soft Glow Makeup Look ✨

wet n wild impossible primer –

AOA Studio Collection Makeup Sponges –

L’Oreal Pro matte foundation-

L’Oreal shaping stick – honey-

Tarte Shape Tape Creamy-

Milani Bronzer – Strobe light-

Wet n Wild Micro Brow Pencil-

Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder

(drugstore dupe is Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder, but they come in tones )

Morphe Bronze Goals palette

(this may be sold out, but if not choose a warm browns palette

L’Oreal Fairest Nude Lipstick

NYX long lasting Lip liner – Pink Nude

Physicians Formula Butter Illuminator “Pearl”-

(not amazon but in video) Lashes – Stand Out Beauty DIY Lash Extensions –

in this video –16mm Volume + 14mm Volume

If you want to add black adhesive too you can!

Natural Custom Cart –

Longer Natural Custom Cart-

Volume Custom Cart –

Longer Volume Custom Cart –

You can wear these lashes 7-10 days – more info on them here

and tips & care here

Other Amazon Favorites!

Fav nails – Ardell Premium

Ardell Blush geometric

Black Stud and Pink Ombre –

Link to Ardell Premium Page

Favorite trimmer

Nobody loves fuzz on their face… especially if you want smooth foundation.

Every week or so I use this Philips trimmer on my WHOLE face, not brows of course. haha.

Doesn’t break out your face like a razor.

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Stand Out Lash DIY Lash Extensions

Simple, Cost Effective, Time Saving, Gorgeous Lashes are HERE.

Let’s be honest…. Lashes have come a LONG way in the past 5 years. Magnetics, strip lashes, extensions….. and then our world changed. With that evolved women taking less time on themselves. I am not saying I am not still boujee…. ok? LOL. But, I think as we have evolved, so has beauty.. and let’s be honest, taking a ton of time on ourselves is hard. BUT that does not mean we don’t want to feel SPECIAL and PRETTY and CONFIDENT.

Lashes have superpowers. I am 10000% serious. They have to power to transform and brighten and empower. I think that’s why I love them so much. I have seen for years how Lashes can channel someones inner GODDESS.

NOW we will have a Lash option that gives people the opportunity to have stunning Lashes from home for a WEEK of wear!

WORK OUT, SLEEP, SHOWER in these Lashes….. and stay feeling FIERCE.

Can I get an AMEN?

Let’s discuss….



Did anyone else say…. GIRL YES watching that video?!

Stand Out Lash – DIY LASH KITS come in THREE mm lash lengths! This will give you the ability for a custom lash look perfect for you! 

You can even stack and layer for a fuller effect, which I am ALL about.

Check out the quick tutorial below!

Our DIY Lashes are available Now!

The Breakdown

THE DIY COST BREAKDOWN  They are available in either Natural or Volume Kits for $119 for a month supply for Preferred Customers. That allows you easily a month of wear, with a few days in between DIY sets. You will want to be a preferred customer for sure, so you can easily edit or pause your customer account for what you need so you don’t run out! You also get 20% off the Retail price! **The DIY Lash Kits include: ** -12mm DIY Lashes -14mm DIY Lashes -16mm DIY Lashes -Stand Out Adhesive – Clear -Stand Out Adhesive – Black -Eraser Remover In December if you are preferred the DIY Lash refills are just $24.95 a box and (you won’t need a new adhesive every month) and will be available individually! So you could get 3 Lash refill boxes for the next month and it would average out at $18.71 a week! **Let’s Break this down even more. ** In Nashville a full set of Lash extensions is an average of $275 for the inital set and takes around 2 hours. $150 for a refill every 2-3 weeks and takes around an hour or so. On your initial set and refill month 1 of salon lash extensions that equates to $106.25 a week! If you get our DIY Lash Kit for a month of use, it equates to $29.75 a week and takes 10 minutes per application from home! The Lash Refill boxes are $24.95! —– Ps- the starter packs for Ambassadors are Live now and are $149! No monthly fees and you get a link right away to share and make commissions! You also until the 22nd get an extra free DIY set and Adhesive, and access to buy more now! ✨ ***If you have any other questions ask me below! ***

They will also be available individually in December for refills! 

Save Time & Money!

The Customer Lash Kit will last you a month! It will allow you for a week of wear up to 10 days and allow you some days for rest in between new sets! 

This is Natalie, our amazing President of Natural Beauty and she has on the 16mm and 14mm DIY Lashes to create a full volume look! AH. I just cannot get enough of how GORGEOUS they look! And they look just as pretty in person!

The moment I saw her in Dallas, I was like “OK I NEED THESE STAT.”

I know what you are thinking… I am not sure I can do these.

Let me stop you right there sister… the goal of these Lashes is to help ALL women feel confident EVEN if you are not beauty savvy.

One of our top leaders Kim got to try them out early and here is what she shared! LOVE!

“I was never a lash extension person. I’m simple, crunchy & organic. But dang these take me 10 minutes to do & they last! They’re revolutionary to the beauty industry. Remember those nail strips that BLEW UP & people who never did their nails suddenly did their nails?? Yeah these are those—for your eyes. They’re not strips. They’re weightless. Get ready friends. Business minds, be a visionary—the time is now. Don’t look back and wish you had. Ready to rock and roll.” – Kim Huberty

I mean look how STUNNING they look below and I love what she shared. You don’t have to be a beauty guru to wear our new DIY line! Will it take a little practice? Sure! But once you have these on you will feel like taking on the World!

How to Shop

Subscribe & Save

To save and become Preferred, Click on the Preferred Button, choose your country, fill out the info, and choose what Lash Kit you want! Done!


After you purchase, visit the TIPS & CARE post HERE!

Are you looking for a side hustle and want to make some extra cash? Become an Ambassador!

Ambassador DIY Starter Packs

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Message me if you need anything or have questions, I am here to help!

Not sure which lash method is the best for you?