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My must have City Beauty Gift Guide

My Top City Beauty Picks

If you haven’t seen or heard of City Beauty before, check out this short video about this awesome company!

1. City Lips Lip Plumping Gloss

My City Lips obsession is REAL.

It’s no surprise that City Lips Lip Plumper is my top pick! It is a MUST HAVE lip plumper! Real results and the longer you apply it daily, the better your Lips get!

My favorites are City Lips Clear and City Lips Matte Pink Nude!

“City Lips is a plumping lip gloss that provides both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips. It helps restore the look of healthy lips by delivering deep hydration for instant plumping and long-lasting comfort, while smoothing out the appearance of lip lines & wrinkles.”

It’s all in the ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid plumps, smooths and hydrates on contact. It’s commonly used as the filler in lip injections. But in City Lips, it’s precision-engineered to be absorbed through the skin so it doesn’t need to be injected.

Oligopeptides are natural amino acids, which support your body’s normal collagen production. Which we all know… more collagen equals plumper, more youthful looking lips.

In fact, one study performed specifically on women with thin, dry lips showed that oligopeptides… decreased lip wrinkles by 29% and increased lip volume by up to 40%… in just 28 days!

And finally, natural moisturizers such as jojoba oil and ylang ylang flower oil gives the formula it’s thickness so it stays on for hours of lasting comfort.

If you haven’t tried City Lips yet… I am telling you, you will be OBSESSED.

2. Blue Defense Hydrogel

Blue Defense Hydrogel’s unique gel texture infuses the skin with intense hydration by both attracting and retaining moisture. This formula also energizes ‘tired’ skin cells, while helping protect against damaging blue light — improving the look of dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness.

-City Beauty

This awesome gel formula helps with dark spots, wrinkles, and feels SO GOOD! Tip- put it in the fridge for a refreshing feel!

Solution For: Wrinkles – Uneven Skin Tone – Dry skin


Blue Defense HydroGel delivers deep, long-lasting hydration for radiant, supple, healthy-looking skin while active ingredients help your skin combat the aging effects of Blue Light — sagging skin, dullness, and wrinkles — for an overall smoother, younger look.

Hyaluronic Acid is well-known for its ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water. That’s why we formulated Blue Defense Hydrogel with a Hyaluronic Acid Matrix gel-base. This cutting-edge formula instantly liquefies upon skin contact — absorbing faster and attracting water deeper. To help prevent moisture evaporation, it also forms a protective seal on top of the skin’s outer layer — keeping your skin hydrated for up to 72 hours.

And since HydroGel absorbs quickly, active ingredients can work more efficiently. Take B-Circadin for example, which helps jumpstart a “skin reset.” This anti-Blue Light plant extract helps minimize signs of aging such as dullness, dryness, and loss of elasticity. – City Beauty

I apply it morning and night and I LOVE how it feels!

3. Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler

If your favorite boy band can do a reunion tour…. it’s time for some anti-aging skincare.

Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler is an intensive spot treatment that fills in creases and instantly blurs the look of wrinkles. Advanced ingredients support and plump skin from the inside out — for a smooth, young-looking complexion.

Target areas around your eyes and mouth, and basically Anywhere you need some smoothing! Love the applicator!

How to Use – Apply a small amount as needed directly onto fine lines and wrinkles. Gently dab with fingertip to fill lines in until fully blended. Allow product to dry before applying makeup!

Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler diminishes the look of your wrinkles for lasting results.

Skin-Lifting Bio-Blend helps refill your skin’s protein matrix with vital proteins.

As a result, lines & wrinkles — which are symptoms of a collapsing matrix — start to dramatically improve.

But what makes this at-home, topical treatment unique is the instant effect.

As soon as the formula touches your skin, the look of lines & wrinkles are filled-out to create an immediate smoothing effect.

Real diamond powder scatters light away from your wrinkles, making them almost invisible to the naked eye.

Which means you can quickly apply the formula wherever you need it — from Crow’s Feet to deep forehead creases — to restore the appearance of flawless, smooth skin.

Who else needs this?! I know I did!

4. Multi-Action Sculpting Cream

“Multi-Action Sculpting Cream helps skin look firmer, tighter, and more lifted by nourishing it with essential building blocks that give skin a taut, springy feel.”

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream targets the underlying causes of thin, sagging skin to deliver a powerful tightening effect from the inside out.

Its formula uses proven, lab-tested ingredients to replenish elastin – your body’s “taut-skin” compound – while reducing skin-aging toxins that eat away your collagen and elastin.

We tracked down ingredients that work, because you deserve to enjoy the comfort of feeling confident about your appearance.

It’s time to take care of our neck and chest. Don’t forget those essential areas!

check this out!! LOVE!

5. InvisiCrepe Body Balm

Who doesn’t love a luxe body balm?! This Invisicrepe Body Balm is LIFE.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm reduces the appearance of thin, wrinkled, crepey skin by supporting the skin’s barrier function, boosting hydration, and supporting the skin’s protein structures for a smoother, firmer, and more supple look.

“InvisiCrepe Body Balm targets all the symptoms of crepey skin through 3 main pathways: hydration, cell regeneration, and protein network support.

Hydration boosters Hydrating Multi-Fruit Complex and Lipid Compund hydrate fully and deeply, while making long-term repairs to the skin barrier.

These repairs allow your skin to retain water. And when your skin stays hydrated all day, you can see and feel the difference.

To increase thickness, we added the cell growth powerhouses Lactococcus Ferment Lysate and Oat Bran Extract. Together, they activate cell regeneration and all the firming power that comes with it.

To fix the sagging and wrinkles, we had to solve the underlying issue: flaws in the dermal matrix.

The dermal matrix is your skin’s “scaffolding.” And this structure is held up by matrix proteins, like collagen and elastin.

So, we added protein network synthesizers Niacinamide and Ribose to support youthful levels of these proteins.

With their help, you can gradually rebuild your dermal matrix – plumping and lifting your skin from the inside out.”


Happy shopping and let me know if these are some of your Top Picks too!

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“We want you to love your purchase. That’s why every product is covered by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Try it for 60 days and if you’re not completely satisfied, for any reason, send it back and we’ll refund the full amount of your purchase, minus shipping. Please contact us at support@citybeauty.com or (800) 347-1558 for return instructions.”

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