City Lips Lip Plumper Review

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Meet my favorite Lip Plumper

photo- City Beauty

You ready for this before and after?……..

Before City Lips

Before- No makeup or lip products

After 10 minutes of using City Lips Clear

I actually put it on before a shower and this was 10 minutes!

Can you say HELLO LIP PLUMPER?!!! I mean this works and it does not burn at all. Just a couple swipes and let the magic begin! I love that it has a comfortable feel to it and is not sticky.

It’s an awesome lip product for year round too for added moisture!

Let’s chat about the details shall we….

City Lips is a plumping lip gloss that provides both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips. It helps restore the look of healthy lips by delivering deep hydration for instant plumping and long-lasting comfort, while smoothing out the appearance of lip lines & wrinkles.

10 minutes with city lips clear!

The gorgeous shades


“You’ll notice results almost instantly after you put it on.

Imagine a lip plumping treatment that works like a regular lip gloss…but contains innovative ingredients that supports healthy skin under your lips.

Think of it as skincare for your lips – providing the nourishment your skin needs to repair the underlying structure…so your lips maintain their healthy, youthful appearance on its own.

It’s all in the ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid plumps, smooths and hydrates on contact. It’s commonly used as the filler in lip injections. But in City Lips, it’s precision-engineered to be absorbed through the skin so it doesn’t need to be injected.

Oligopeptides are natural amino acids, which support your body’s normal collagen production. Which we all know… more collagen equals plumper, more youthful looking lips.

In fact, one study performed specifically on women with thin, dry lips showed that oligopeptides… decreased lip wrinkles by 29% and increased lip volume by up to 40%… in just 28 days!

And finally, natural moisturizers such as jojoba oil and ylang ylang flower oil gives the formula it’s thickness so it stays on for hours of lasting comfort.

Unlike any other lip solutions that ultimately leave your lips dry or cause more damage, the City Lips formula has ingredients designed to revive the health of your lips. So they look beautiful and healthy on their own.”

– City Beauty

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City Lips Swatches

photo – bridget nicole
photo- every day teacher style
photo – city beauty

Here’s a short video about City Lips!

City Lips Discount

So after all the details, you can see why I love this lip plumper!

And I have a discount code just for you!

SAVE 15% with the code JENRUSSO at check out!

Grab a couple! I love them ALL!

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