Cost Questions and Scripts for when they ask for Details

When you are starting out, you may need some help on how to answer some questions! We are here to help!

Always edit these to your personality! You want to still personalize your convos so it stays genuine! Below there are scripts for people that want info from your post, offer preferred info, answer product faq’s, and follow up for product & opportunity! Keep it simple. 

When they comment for info on your post about a product πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

REPLY – I will message you!


Aren’t they gorgeous?! I’d love for you to see these simple tutorials! I’m going to grab you the link to our private group to see these beauties in action! πŸ’ƒπŸ» Ps- are you interested in the product, opportunity, or both? πŸ’“

If they say either STILL add them to the glo-babe revolution product/opportunity group to look around

πŸŸͺ Then Invite them to our Product and Opportunity group and TAG them on any info you want them to see! Then Follow up the next day to see if they have any questions!

THE KEY—- follow up short and sweet

Did you love more natural lash looks or more Volume lash looks?

—-(do not send tons of info up front until they ask for it)

If they answer either then ask if they want you to send some graphics of DIY examples! Then send them some pics of ladies with them on, so they can tell you which looks they love!


Send them this graphic!

How to Talk Pricing

We have several options! You can either start with the full DIY kit OR I can make you your own custom DIY cart with whatever you want to start with! You can start with two boxes or 3 and we can choose from 3 mm lengths, clear or black adhesive, the remover, and an applicator! Are you interested in being a customer or open to ambassador details if you want to make some extra weekly cash?

Great how much is it?! (IF THEY SAY CUSTOMER)

I Highly recommend becoming a preferred customer! Being preferred is a super flexible option we offer. (Kind of like a VIP customer.) πŸ’œ It saves you 20% always, there is no fee, no penalty for cancelling, and you can can easily cancel your order & make changes anytime to the products you are receiving by just logging in! Takes minutes. πŸ’“ 

You’ll just refill as needed with sizes you love! The adhesive and ERASER remover will last you for months. Trust me you won’t want to run out, so it’s super convenient! βœ¨

Great send me a link!

Then create them a custom cart or your general link! If they don’t order right away follow up and send a reminder and say you can’t wait for them to try them out!




We have 7 starter pack options! πŸ’“ There are 2 DIY Lash Pack options in Natural or Volume, which has everything you need to get started & taka beauty drinks samples too! It’s $99 of product & your $49 annual ambassador fee which covers you a year with no monthly fees! We also have bigger Show & Glo pack which has it ALL with full size products! It’s $500 & the $49 ambassador annual fee. Here’s a pic! πŸ’œ

You can make 30%-40% commissions weekly and we are getting new products soon! It’s an amazing community!

You can also use the KLARNA app ( an outside split pay app) to break it into 4 payments! If you want to take a look around our product & opportunity group you are welcome to!

Then go to your Shop site and click opportunity and copy and paste that link and send it to them if they want to become an Ambassador!

How to create a custom DIY cart here!

if you are not in the USA you have to choose the country for the custom cart

Other Helpful DIY graphics