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DIY Lash Extensions – Tips & Care

Hey beautiful, I wanted to share a post for all things DIY!

It’s important to know how to care and maintain them for the longest wear!

Especially if you are brand new to DIY… which I was too 😉 give yourself a little grace and you’ll be a DIY Pro before you know it.


First things first, if you want to check out info on our New DIY Lashes, Check out this POST.

The Ultimate Lashes from home


I want to make sure you have ALL the info, whether you are interested in purchasing OR you grabbed a lash kit and you need to know the details!

How to Apply + Tips Videos

How to Apply DIY Lashes tip sheet

Lash Looks created with DIY Lashes


It is important to know how to care for your DIY lashes! I use makeup remover cloths or wipes so its easy to remove my makeup around my DIY lashes!

How to Remove your DIY Lashes

When you are at the end of a set, to remove Spray your DIY Lashes with our ERASER Remover and GENTLY massage the ERASER into your lashes. Do this for a minute so it can break down the adhesive. Do NOT pull the DIY lash away, it will slide away once its loose! Easy Peasy.

How to get our DIY Lash Subscription & 20% off

Once you have your initial Lash Kit, you’ll have access to lash refill boxes! Grab what you need for refills on your preferred account and you won’t have to worry about running out!

Are you interested in making commissions and joining an empowering community? Read more here!

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Talk soon!- Jen


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