Congrats on sharing your DIY LAUNCH POST #3

In this post you are exposing your friends and following to the Opportunity and inviting them to the Product/Opportunity Group to see more company details! If they are already in there from the first two post and want details tag them in company details in there!

BOOST Your Post by posting the link to it in our Team Page! (there is a boost post to comment on) 

POST #3 Opening the door to Ambassador Opportunity! 

 Ideally post a pic of you and your fam or a great selfie! But the focus on this post is YOU. 

 Share the link to your post on the boost post in our team page here


I am going to be TOTALLY honest

I knew Lashes were a powerful product, but I had no idea how much sharing our new DIY lashes would open so many doors for me. Who knew something so simple can instantly help others feel so confident!

This community is so supportive, and we are just getting started here. I am really excited for the days ahead and what this opportunity can mean for me and my family!

If you are even the tiniest bit interested in learning more, let’s chat and see if this opportunity could be a great fit in your life!

borrowed Adriana’s fam pic haha


THEN went they comment for info add them to our Products and Opportunity group or if they are in there TAG them in opportunity videos (Pattie has a great new one!)  

HERE —–> Glo-babe Revolution Products & Opportunity Group

The key here is after they accept that invite to that group TAG them on the welcome post (with the video) and other opportunity videos! Then give them some space to look around. Usually takes a day or so.

Be sure to share to your stories too and opportunity graphics too.

The key- FOLLOW UP. Don’t miss this step. Usually, people like to process and decide, which is okay!


2022 Ambassador Starter Pack options

They also can use the Klarna app to create a ghost card to check out with and break it into 4 payments! (They are no affiliated with Globallee- just a split pay option!)

ps -There are ZERO monthly fees.

Extra opportunity graphics to have on hand & video if they are off of facebook below!

Our Comp Plan PDF (if they ask!)

Compensation Plan Document | Globallee Training