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I figured I would share some questions and answers on here! Y’ALL. I am dying right now because I watched the live this morning from our big beauty conference and they are announcing brand new products! Ahhhhh. Fabulous new things ahead! So pumped.

Some frequently asked questions about Maskcara IIID makeup!

  1. How long will each single tin last?
    It depends on how often you’re applying. The HIGHLIGHTS (foundations) can last anywhere from 2-4 months • CONTOUR can last 3-6 months • ILLUMINATORS can last 6-12 months • BLUSH can last 6-12 months.
  2.  How is the coverage? 
    The beautiful thing about IIID foundation is the buildable coverage! If you’re looking for a simple look, Maskcara’s got you covered!  If you’re looking for extra coverage, brighten up the highlight and go deeper with your contour! You can color correct with certain shades before you go in with your main highlight too! 
  3.  Is this for all skin types?
    The answer is, YES! Maskcara will apply and look differently on different textured skin types, but just like any foundation/makeup skincare is #1! Taking care of your skin and what you’re putting on underneath your makeup is what will give you the absolute best results! Exfoliate often, moisturize with the MILK moisturizer, and priming your face before applying is key. 
  4. How much is the foundation?
    Highlight, contour, blush + lips singles and eyeshadows are all only $14 each! The best part is that everything is magnetic and customizable, so now you can keep your favorite palette, and just replace individual colors as needed by popping out the old and popping in the new! 
  5. What does HAC stand for?
    HAC stands for Highlight and Contour
  6. What is a HAC pack?
    A HAC pack is the best way to try Maskcara in my opinion. You choose any 4 singles (highlight, blush, contour, illuminator) and you receive a compact of your choice for FREE! That basically gives you a $15.00 compact completely free.
    Then, you would want to add a high quality dual ended brush to apply your new makeup with. The type of brush you use makes a HUGE difference in how your makeup looks and blends on your skin, and the Maskcara brushes are amazing! Most start with the 30 Second HAC brush.
     If you want a free custom color match, shoot me a message on the contact form in the menu! I would be so happy to help you pick out your perfect shades! *Keep in mind Maskcara only ships within the USA for now!

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