You know those templates you see all the time?….. I was like, GIRL just make you some to share! So I am doing just that. Feel free to use anywhere! (for free use only- do not duplicate)

I absolutely love making graphics… I mean DAILY. Haha. I guess its the artsy side of me that loves it. I LOVE the App OVER. I have the Pro version, but it’s worth it!!! I use a lot of graphics for my new business and I thought I would share the love with you! More goodies to come.

I think its too stuffy to have a PERFECT social media feed. Like who has time for dat? But I think as long as you are sharing things you love, it’ll all come together!

Stories Templates

Instagram Highlight Covers

I hope you are having a great week. Hang in there beauties!

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Jen R.

First off, thank you for visiting my website! I hope I can sprinkle a little joy into your life and share some beauty tips and fun things in between. As a professional hair and makeup artist for 13 years my goal is help others see their true potential and to feel gorgeous, inside and out!