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I hope you are having a great week so far! I am so excited to connecting with you more and providing extra info that you need for your business!

Makeup Fix Lash and Lip Launch TODAY!!!

We are getting a brand new Lash and Lipstick tonight after Laura’s’ live on the Tori Belle Cosmetics page Tonight! These are always Limited Edition, so be sure to get the word out today that they will go Fast!

I like to always share a curiosity graphic to share something is coming when we have launches! You can use the graphic below if you want! I daily visit the Graphics Group too for endless photos and videos. Definitely request to join after you Join the corporate Affiliate Group, Ashley or Natalie will add you!

The Key to Growth and Motivation

I know you hear it all the time, even beyond having your own lash business. The Key to staying focused and positive is listening to or reading motivating things that help your mind stay on track. It helps a TON to not feel stuck in a place of, I’m not this or that…or I feel like I’m standing still… it helps train your mind to see the positive in things and builds your confidence by teaching your mind to stay focused on the Good. This year more than ever, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I highly recommend setting aside a little part of your day to listen to or read something that focuses on personal development and helpful business tips to fill your mind with, I Can do this and it Will be worth it.

I highly recommend Rob Sperry’s podcast and latest book! You can find his info here! He was a top recruiter and helps offers great network marketing tips and ideas for your business.

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Photo by Chimene Gaspar on Pexels.com

The Best step for your business- Connecting with new people.

I was so glad Genna touched on this in Team Lashville yesterday! I think sometimes we think, “Well none of my family is buying my lashes, so this may just not be for me…..” Girllll …. stop right there. LOL. There are Millions of people that have never even heard about our Lashes or know they are the Best! There is endless potential. There are only 30,000 of us in the USA and soon to be Canada. If you only stay in your circle of family and friends, at some point you will reach the end of them knowing you sell Tori Belle, and then it’s time to Expand! πŸ™‚

Half of what we do.. well probably more than half.. is making connections and building relationships! If you continue to be open to growing your circle of people you know, you are reaching Brand New customers and possible team members. I constantly add new friends on social media, Join Facebook Groups for communities of Mom’s and other ladies in business. My personal sales come from complete strangers from online. There is such beauty in that! Don’t forget to take a little time of the day to make new connections! It goes a Long way.

*Don’t forget to follow up with your Customers. Their email is on your retail order report in your backstage. It is key to stay in contact to not only build trust, but by you taking care of them… they will take care of you!

Kit Updates!

You may have seen now we have some New Affiliate starter kit options! Now they can choose from Selfie, Wonderlash, Date Night, and 9 to 5!! Love that!

Updated Lash Tutorial!

Here is a tutorial you are welcome to share with your customers for tips and application help! Make sure your customers are educated on how our lashes work to have the Best experience. Don’t forget to share with them to not get the lashes wet.

Here is a link to the Tori Belle Youtube page too!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and reach out anytime on the text number too! I would love to have a Team wide Zoom soon too so stay tuned!

You got this!