How in the world is it already October? Heavens! I absolutely love this time of year. My inner Southern gal comes out for sure. Give me all the Fall essentials. Here’s some of my favorite things for the season!

Fall Candles

What’s fall without some delicious smelling candles? These festive beauties will bring on a cozy atmosphere.

Bath and Body Works

Fall Eyeshadows

These Rimmel Magnif’eyes Palettes are amazing! Stocked with gorgeous, pigmented shades you’ll be sure to add some Fall Smokey eyes to your look Stat! I love that some are matte and some have some sparkle!

Pumpkin Tees

Let the pumpkin loving gals unite!

Pumpkin Spice Tee from Cotton and Blues!

Use the code Jen10 for 10% off!

You had me at Pumpkin Spice Tee


Fall inspired Jewelry

I love this Taupe crystal cuff Bracelet! This fun bracelet will spice up any outfit!

Onyx and Ash Jewelry

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Maskcara Fall Collection!

This new Maskcara bundle is the bees knees! I’m sure it won’t last long too. The Plum and Scarlett blush + lip shades are amazing for cooler temps. Full of gorgeous creme shades, you’ll be glad you hopped on the Maskcara magic train!

You can find it in here!

Classroom Collection

(Be sure to be color matched by me to get the right highlight shade!)

I hope this is an amazing new month for you!

Written by

Jen R.

First off, thank you for visiting my website! I hope I can sprinkle a little joy into your life and share some beauty tips and fun things in between. As a professional hair and makeup artist for 13 years my goal is help others see their true potential and to feel gorgeous, inside and out!