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So after a TON of research on which hair extensions I wanted to offer my clients, I found the One…. Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. ( *choir of angels sings* )

Honestly, the halo style extensions are the way to go for fast volume and length! They have several styles and an awesome color range to choose from, so it was a no brainer. It’s a top choice among celeb stylist and now I see why! The quality of Hidden Crown is amazing. The boost of confidence you get with instantly fabulous hair is priceless!

I have pretty fine hair, but a good amount of it…. until I had my twins. Cue the thinner postpartum hair line and less hair than ever. Having that added fullness is such a game changer!

Once the clear wire is properly fitted to your head shape, you part off the top of your hair with a clip they provide, put on your Hidden Crown, and gently press it down where you would wear a crown around the sides and back! The weight of your hair keeps it in place and it should feel snug, but not too tight! Then with the Comb they send you, brush your top hair over your halo and the clear wire to help blend it in! That’s it!

I’m happy to help guide you and help you with a proper fitting, in person or over a chat! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Here’s my before and after! Just the volume alone is so wonderful and the dimension it can add to your hair color is amazing!

In these pictures I’m wearing the 20″ Hidden Crown Original in the shade 4/613!

Here’s the three styles and grams ( amount of Remy hair ) choices of the halo style extensions.

It’s definitely one of the more affordable Extension options on the market. This breaks down the cost and comparison.

I’ll have videos and how to’s coming very soon! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Want to chat about finding your perfect Halo? Fill out this contact form below!

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  1. Your hair color is beautiful I’m trying to find that color you wrote 4/316 do you mean 4/613 ? Because I can’t find that color on the website ? I want your color exact ! Thanks

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