How to make your Eyes Pop!


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Hey Gorgeous!

Let’s throw it way back to my Cosmetology school days and color theory from 13 years ago! Eeek! Ha ha. If you want to bring out your eye color, you’ll want to use a family of complimentary shades across the color wheel. By using these complimentary colors, they help bring forth your natural color and have an enhancing effect. Before you know it, with a little pop of right shadows, your eyes will be stunning!

I love to use shadow shades on clients that really bring out their natural beauty! Once you learn what family of eye shadow colors work best on you, then you can decide which every day shades you need.

Here is a graph I made below for some of my suggested Maskcara Beauty Eyeshadow colors. Also, Maskcara announced several brand new blue shades coming out that are fabulous!


Aren’t they so pretty?! I love that you can get 4 eyeshadows and you get to choose your free magnetic compact to take them on the go! I recommend the “I Shadow Everything” brush to start with too. It has one has one flat brush side to press on pigment and one fluffy brush side to beautifully blend.

You can find them here!

Shadow Suggestions for Eye colors

Brown- Salmon, Golds, Purple, Silver, Rich Brown

Blue- Gold, Copper, Blue, Metallic Browns

Green-  Purple, Burgundy, Greens, Shimmery Browns

Hazel- Dusty Pinks, deep green, Rust



Don’t be afraid to try new colors. You can still do a neutral look and add a little bit of an enhancing shade in your inner corner or as a wash over you lid. I love this graphic for different ideas. Get out there and try new things with your makeup, you’ll be glad you did!



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