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JuveLash Tips and Tricks

Are you ready to rock our new lashes?

I want to make sure you know EVERYTHING so you can confidently wear our new easy lashes and get the most wears out of them too. It’s important to me you have all you need to have a smooth application process and feel your best! Let’s get started!

When we got to visit Corporate at the beginning of December we got to make this tutorial!!! It was so fun!! Natalie and Kinzie did an awesome job too!

Lash Prep

These steps will ensure you are ready to apply your lashes! The biggest step here is TRIMMING. These faux mink lashes Need to fit your eye. Lashes aren’t a one size fits all process. We all have different eye shapes! If you lay the lash above your natural lashes and the lash is too wide. TRIM IT. With some sharp scissors, gently trim off a little at a time until they fit your eyelids. *Be sure to take off both inner or outer corner to match. You don’t want it hanging over or poking your inner corner. It is super uncomfortable if its too long in your inner corner.

If you are SUPER OILY, put on a good concealer and then use the Flawless Eyeliner.

How to Apply

Pro Tip: Do not Twist the Pen top off- Pop it off.

Things to Note

  • Do NOT use the Cleansing Oil on the lashes. If you need to clean some build up off your lash, use some oil free remover like Micellar Water.

Flawless Eyeliner Ingredients

Our Liner is Latex free, alcohol, and great for sensitive skin!

How to Video

Lash Styles

Cleansing Oil

A little goes a long way, so use a q-tip and place on the top, tip over, and then use that to remover your liner AFTER you take you lash off.

Feel free to send me any questions throught the chat bubble!

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