You all know I LOVE Lashes… so announcing our Lash Line with Juvenae was a JOYFUL thing. They are gorgeous faux mink lashes and we are proudly offering easy Flawless Adhesive Eyeliner for applying! Check these beauties out and how they work below.


Gorgeous Natural looking Lashes and Strong Flawless Precision Adhesive Eyeliner! 

I am so proud to offer our Lashes knowing they are high quality, easy, and know they have the power to change your life, like they have mine.

There is so much more to come! 

New Lash Style - Orchid

The Details


Flawless Lash application is here… Introducing our Flawless Adhesive Eyeliner Pen! Used with our gorgeous faux mink Juvelash lashes, this simple-to-use black or clear liner adds a dramatic flare to your look.

* Use with our Juvelash strip lashes 

* Apply Beautiful Lashes with Ease

*Black and Clear Eyeliner 

* Waterproof & Fast-Drying

* Safe for Natural Lashes

* Precision Application Pen Tip – No Mess 

* Latex, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan

* Easy to Remove with our Flawless Adhesive Eyeliner Cleansing Oil

Lash Styles and Lengths

Visit This post for more Tips and Tricks 


Place juvelash Lashes against eye to measure length. Trim any excess length off with scissors from the outer end.

Shake Flawless Adhesive Eyeliner Pen. Apply liner to the lash line like normal and add a little extra to the outer and inner corners.

Apply the lashes by starting at the inner corner and press lightly along the lash line and adjust if necessary. Pinch and press down near the lash roots to set.


Remove lashes slowly by starting from the outer corner and moving to the inner corner of the eye. Once juvelash Lashes are off, place lashes in their container.

Use a cotton pad with Cleansing Oil to remove Flawless Adhesive Eyeliner.


How to Clean our Lashes Safely

How to Trim our Lashes

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You can read more about Juvenae in this post and why I chose it! 

Jen R.

First off, thank you for visiting my website! I hope I can sprinkle a little joy into your life and share some beauty tips and fun things in between. As a professional hair and makeup artist for 13 years my goal is help others see their true potential and to feel gorgeous, inside and out!

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