Hello friends!!! It’s time I shared my FAV daily drink mix with you that is helping me SO much with tons of benefits!

Let’s break it down!

My favorite Drink Mix

First let’s cover what’s in it, and some options in this short video!

What’s in this Mix

The 3 of these mixed together and my body was like OKAY!

Tip- if you love sweet things- add lemon to your drink! These are sugar free – to transition this helps!

And drink plenty of water too!

My results!

november 2021 to may 2022!

I have been drinking TAKA since the fall but adding all 3 together really helped as you can see!

I mean can we just take a moment here……. this side by side SHOCKED Me.

How I drink it daily

*If you do the 1 drink a day “TAKA by the beach”

Choose where you want to Start

There is a TON of value in the $189 pack and a LOT more product. As always, we have a 60 day guarantee if for any reason you don’t love it!

How to Purchase & compare bundles!


1 drink a day – “taka by the Beach” – $159.95 with the code “HEMP”

(Peach canister option with a 30 scoops)


Pack Pro – $189 with the code “HEMP”


There are 5 TAKA flavor variety choices!


If you do not need collagen – you can choose a variety bundle with 4 boxes of sticks and the beneTRIM capsules!

$139.95 with the code “HEMP”


If you need a split pay option, download Klarna and create a ghost card! details below

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Jen R.

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