Welcome to your post #2 script and tips!

Tip- Try to do this the next day after your Post #1 to keep momentum going.

Be sure to copy and paste your post link to the BOOST post in the Glo-babe Revolution team page! 


Add 1 or 2 DIY lash pics with this post to show some comparisons of Volume & Natural! (EXAMPLES BELOW YOU CAN GRAB)

If you have a pic of you in the lashes share it! People want to connect with you OR if you want to really step out, share a boomerang or short sped up video of you putting them on! 


Well, that escalated quickly…..😂

I promise I’m still trying to get all of you that wanted DIY Lash details into our group and tagged on some awesome Tutorials and details! If you are looking for long lasting lashes that stay on for over a week (…and YES you can shower in these!) You gotta try them!!

If you want to check out some awesome tutorials in our private group on how to apply them, let me know Asap and I’ll add you today! 

POST #2 pic ideas – you can also grab some from the graphics group if you want!


Continue to add them to our Glo-babe Products and Opportunity group by inviting from the invite button and send it to their messenger! People are busy, you must do both 🙂

HERE —–> Glo-babe Revolution Products & Opportunity Group

and tag them in some DIY videos! (search in the group if you need to!) 

The key here is after they accept that invite to that group TAG them on the welcome post and other videos! Then give them some space to look around. Usually takes a day or so. Then FOLLOW UP. Don’t miss this step. 

Be sure to go back to your first post if you missed any comments.

Bonus – share this post to your Stories and add more photos too for examples of sizes and styles!

If you need some ideas on what to say or close a DIY sale- visit the DIY scripts


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