Quiz Results #2

Hey sweet friend! Here are my recommendations based on your Quiz results!

What is perfect for you is what we call TAKA on the Beach!

It’s the best of all 3 drinks!

Our collagen is AMAZING. It is hydrolyzed for over 90% absorption and clean!

This drink mix is sugar free and low calorie to help you curb cravings and get amazing vitamins and minerals daily with a delicious drink! Bonus you get nootropics and fat blasting from the beneTRIM capsules which you can drink first or mix in!


What’s in this drink mix

You can create your own flavor bundle AND there is a bigger pack with TONS of value with these 3 products too!

I have personally had a ton of success by drinking these three products twice a day! You can totally get one of each to do one a day too!

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TAKA by the Beach (one of each) $159 with the code!

You can choose whatever taka choices you want! The TAKA canister has 30 scoops. (You can delete the peach and add the blueberry canister or hibuscus too.)


PACK PRO (HUGE VALUE) $189 with the code!

There are 5 flavor options with the pack pro option!


Message me on the messenger button if you need any help or if you are out of the USA. Thank you!! – Jen