See ya 2020!

Lets have some REAL TALK Y’ALL

You know this year was pretty cray cray…… BUT at the end of the day a lot of goodness came from it.

We did a lot this year. We put our house on the market at the start of the quarantine, took it off and back on the market, and moved in June to our new house. Moving with kids is NO JOKE. We are loving our new home and it still needs a lot of decorating.

Our little muffins turned 4 this year! I can’t believe it!!! They are growing up so fast! They are so different, but they are BFF’s. They have such a sweet relationship.

A rare photo of Michael LOL.

A New Chapter

Over the course of the year it became apparent my time was done at my old beauty company. I tell you what happens, is you gain perspective on what’s important and realize what your true passions are. You learn A TON when you take a step back and think about all that you learned and what’s not good for you anymore in this season of life. It’s hard, but you see that difficult decisions are incredibly rewarding and worth it.

In September I did just that. I trusted my heart and started at Juvenae. It was a new Company that formed over the Summer and started soft launch in September, and I was really impressed with the vision, the incredible volume based comp plan, and knowing the Corporate staff had a lot of international experience sealed the deal for me.

Natalie, Me, and Kinzie!

To say it’s been a great move for me and my friends is a HUGE understatement. I mean its been the BEST. The Corporate staff is like family and has so much experience. They are so kind to us and truly care about our opinion. To me that speaks volumes, and allowing my friend Natalie and I creative freedom with the lash line was unreal. Every detail was thought out with you in mind, and we wanted the best quality lashes out there, and we were thrilled with how it all came out. From the lash styles, packaging, to the names we are so proud of them.

Here’s a video we got to make when we visited this month! We had the best time!!!

2021 is Here

The truth is, this year taught us a lot. It kind of forced you to take a step back and realize what is worth your energy and time. Hold your family close and do things that bring you joy. Life is too short to stay still and not use your talents God gave you. You deserve to be happy, end of story. I hope this new year can bring you a lot of amazing new and surprising turns for you.

Thank you for following my blog and Happy New Year friend!

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