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    My favorite Clean Skincare Products from Acure Beauty

    Disclaimer- Some of these links below may contain Affiliate Links which I make a small commission from purchases.

    Hello Winter months! The cold has finally arrived here in Nashville and with it comes all the dryness. Hooray! Your hair, skin, and lips really change as the cold, dry air comes in. Regardless of the weather, you still need to take care of your skin and a well rounded routine to keep you looking fresh! I always say good makeup starts with good skin!

    Good Makeup starts with good Skin

    When your skin has less texture, your makeup will go on smoother and you won’t have to do much “correcting”

    Photo: Acure

    Why I love Acure

    They are Vegan, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, Petrolatum free, Formaldehyde free, and Cruelty free!

    My favorite Serums

    I am pretty picky about my skincare. My skin really changed after I had my twins and it seems to be way more sensitive too. Recently I have been adding in an Acure Beauty Serum daily, and Holy Cow… my skin looks SO much better!

    Photo: Acure Beauty

    Here’s why adding a Serum can benefit your Skin

    The Acure Brightening Line is my favorite!

    I have been using the Glowing Serum for months and I am OBSESSED. That extra step in moisturizing really takes your skin to the next level.

    Why a Serum?

    Serums work on any skin type and it’s like an extra kick of potent ingredients. I know what you are thinking…. something “oily” seems scary. Trust me it dries quickly, and you will love the way it smells. Bonus points- Roll in your Serum with a Jade Roller!

    • Get ready for a dose of concentrated, targeted organic bliss while benefit-rich nutrients deliver radiant results. Argan oil restores moisture, borage oil soothes and cranberry and pumpkin seed oils add antioxidant protection. That’s some serious glowing goodness.
    • Formulated for all skin types. Hydrates and boosts skin’s glow
    • Vegan and certified cruelty-free. Also Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, Petrolatum free and Formaldehyde free – Acure
    Photo: Acure

    Acure Scrubs

    Photo: Acure

    I have been using the Brightening Facial Scrub for a good year now and it is THE BOMB! If you love a gritty scrub, you will fall in love with this one. If you like a smoother texture, try the Rejuvenating Facial Scrub! Even in the winter months, you need to exfoliate a couple times a week.

    “Sea kelp super-nutrients soften and detox while lemon peel and French green clay cleanse. Madonna lily brings the brightness to round out this refreshing facial scrub.” -Acure


    This is totally a wall… but it added some “dryness” drama.

    If you get one nugget of information from this blog post… Sister you NEED a Moisturizer. Everyday. It helps balance your dry or oily skin and guess what? If you are Oily, Acure has a great Matte one! Holla!

    “Incredibly Clear Mattifying Moisturizer”

    “This easily absorbed facial moisturizer improves the appearance of skin’s texture and tone with the rejuvenating hydration and moisture of lilac extract and chlorella.” – Acure

    This is perfect if you tend to get oily through the day and helps set up an even tone for your foundation!

    Photo: Acure

    I hope you will check out these Acure products and tell me what you think! Cheers to beautiful and safe skincare!

    Tell me below what Acure product you would want to add to your Skincare Routine and get Glowing!

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    Updated* Collabs and Codes

    *Disclaimer- Some of these links below may contain Affiliate Links which I make a small commission from purchases.

    Over the past year, I’ve been so fortunate to work with some amazing Small shops and Companies! They are so sweet to offer a discount for their websites straight to you! Enjoy and happy shopping!

    City Beauty

    Save 25% with the Code “JENRUSSO”

    City Beauty has an incredible line of amazing anti-aging skincare and Lip products! They are also a cruelty free company!

    Check out their amazing products in this post and see my favorite City Beauty Serum in this post.

    A Pair of Graces

    Save 10% off your first order with the Code – JENRUSSOREF 

    I love supporting boss mama friends, and Jennifer is a precious friend I’ve known for a long time! Be sure to join her VIP Group too HERE. Be cozy and stylish!!

    “My name is Jennifer Andrew and my daughter, Ava, and I are the Creators and Owners of A Pair of Graces boutique in Greenville, KY.  Our business has grown from the back of my SUV, that’s right 😉, to a fast-growing online boutique, shipping to all US states. We host Shop Days to allow our local customers to shop from our on-trend styles that are comfortable and affordable. Our style is Southern Living meets boho chic with a side of prep.”

    Head here: https://apairofgraces.commentsold.com/links to use code JENRUSSOREF for 10% off your first order with A Pair of Graces!

    The Dop (Phone Mount)

    15% off with JENRUSSO

    This is a must have phone mount!

    “Stop dropping your phone and TikTok until your heart’s content”

    “The dop kit makes creating and watching content a whole new (and better) experience. Suction the dop phone mount to flat, polished surfaces like mirrors, windows, tile, etc. Then insert your dop ring and position your smartphone at any angle. No adhesive. Just good, strong suction. On its own, the slim, sleek, metal dop ring offers a secure on-handed grip and a sturdy kickstand.”

    I love my Rose Gold Dop Kit! Take videos with ease, anywhere!

    Grab a Dop here and use JENRUSSO to save!


    15% off with the code: JENRUSSO

    Topfoxx Ambassador

    I am so excited to be a Topfoxx Ambassador! They are 100% Woman owned and Operated, which I think is awesome! They have built their brand Fast, and are so loved by women everywhere! They have glam sunglasses, anti-Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Prescriptions available too!

    I LOVE the Stephanie Blue Light Blocking Glasses! They are the most stylish ones I have seen (usually they are super dorky) haha, and they are super comfortable. It’s important to protect your eyes since we are on our phones all the time these days!

    Everything we create here is “not for your average girl”
    What we mean by this is there is no average girl, we are all so different and unique and should EMBRACE and LOVE that about ourselves!
    We should know having a small diverse women leading team. ♥


    You can Shop Topfoxx HERE and Follow their Instagram Page HERE and use “JENRUSSO” at check out to Save!

    Laverne + Frankie Boutique

    JENRUSSO for 15% off!

    This sweet boutique, Laverne + Frankie out of Toledo, Ohio started in October 2019! This sweet shop offers clothing from Small through 3X, Accessories, and even Shoes! Owner, Kimberlyn, has amazing style and fashionable and cozy picks just for you! I am excited to share with you her Boutique! I want it all!

    Owner of Laverne + Frankie, Kimberlyn
    Isn’t she a beauty?!
    Twist High Low Tunic Top

    Be sure to use the code “JENRUSSO” at check out for 15% off! Free Shipping too!

    She also has super cute Accessories!

    You can follow Laverne + Frankie on Instagram and Facebook!

    Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/laverneandfrankie/

    Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/LaverneandFrankie/

    Instagram Page- https://www.instagram.com/onyxandash/

    Easy Updo Extensions

    I love working with Easy Updo! They are awesome hair extension accessories that come in a variety of hair colors! You easily can add them to your hair for extra style and volume. They use Easy Updo on American Idol, The Voice, and Dancing with the Stars!

    A messy bun can be glam in seconds!

    ( mention me at check out! )

    Here I used the Three strands to do a Volume Side Bun!
    Here’s my favorite style using Easy Updo Extensions

    1. Attach Easy Updo® by making a ponytail with your hair. Then separate into 2 or 3 sections.
    2. Twist or Braid one section over the other to make a long twisted ponytail. Then hold the end with your fingers.
    3. Wrap twisted ponytail around the base and tie in a knot by guiding the end you are holding through the loop. Continue wrapping around the base while supporting it closely to your head. Tuck extension ends under under updo.
    4. Secure extension ends and updo with bobby pins.   

    Check out Easy Updo Here! Easy Updo

    Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/easyupdoextensions/

    Rightly Royce Jewelry

    Rightly Royce is a precious custom online jewelry shop in honor of their sweet son, Royce.

    This sweet mama makes beautiful custom stamped jewelry! I love my S+G necklace so much! They have been such a light to countless families that have also been through loss.

    This sweet shop honors the life of their sweet son Royce and they donate 10% of their sales to the L.A. Children’s Hospital. Be sure to read their story about Royce’s life and mission of their shop on their website. They are incredible parents. I feel definitely feel blessed to help share about Rightly Royce.


    Use Jen15 for 15% off your order

    Rightly Royce Instagram Page

    Custom Lace Toggle Necklace

    “White with Style” Teeth Whitening Kit

    Use it Once a week to keep your teeth bright!

    You can grab this Sparkle White Professional Whitening Kit for only $28, almost 90% off their kit with my special code “jenrussobeauty” at www.whitewithstyle.com

    Ps- I love that’s it’s made in the USA/ BPA Free /Cruelty Free / Vegan & Gluten Free/ and has a Gentle Formula!

    Shop my favorite Boutique deals on Jane.com

    From boutique clothing to monogrammed accessories, they have you covered!

    I’ve followed Jane.com Deals forever! They have such a cute assortment of affordable clothing, accessories, kids, home, and more! I love being a Jane Affiliate! They are the best! Deals are live for 72 hours, so hurry! Some sell out Fast!

    Simply Fab’s “Zinc it Over”

    This multitasking Setting Spray is a sheer SPF spray and is packed with amazing, clean ingredients!

    You know when a product like “Zinc it Over” comes along, and you are like HECK YES PEOPLE…. These folks are Genius?! Meet Seriously Fab’s awesome facial mist. There are so many awesome things I love about this product. For starters, as a Makeup Artist, having a solid setting spray is Essential. Secondly, it does even more as a safe AND clean SPF 25. But wait! There’s even more! It is packed with delicious Anti-Aging and hydrating ingredients. Need I say more?

    This Setting Spray is so great! SPF and Clean formula!

    You can grab 10% off when you sign up for the Seriously Fab Email list!

    Cruelty free, Vegan, All Natural, and Safe!

    Follow me on Instagram!

    Beauty Page- https://www.instagram.com/jenrusso_beauty/

    Lash Page- https://www.instagram.com/jenrusso_toribelle/

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    My GuruNanda Essential Oil Review

    Disclosure: “Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. The decision is totally yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you!”

    Let’s Talk Oils

    Hey friends! First off, thank you for following my Blog! I am so glad you’re here! So in general, I would consider myself “a little crunchy.” What that means is I try my best to make an effort to use more natural products and beauty products that are much healthier options for you. I strive to share things I use in my every day mama life that I can be proud of!

    I have loved essential oils a Long Time. I actually used to sell Essential Oils Many years ago when they first came out and were still a touch “for the hippy types.” That really got me into using them in my daily routine. I am a bit picky too when it comes to oils. I think these days they are more mainstream and not as intimidating as they used to be!

    These highly concentrated oils are extracted from fruits, leaves, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plant. Each essential oil is carefully extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing.”

    What Oils are in the Top 6 Blends


    About a month ago I was sent their Top 6 Essential Oil Blends and Honeycomb Diffuser Set, so I am sharing my honest thoughts from testing them out! It comes in a cool magnetic box and instructions on how to best use them and safety tips. With all Essential Oils you want to use them safely and if you use them topically you’ll want to use what’s called a “Carrier Oil.” A carrier oil can be liquid coconut oil or almond oil to name a few to dilute with your oils.

    A look into GuruNanda

    “We specifically choose locations where we can make a positive impact on the social, economic, and environmental aspects of the community. This gives us the opportunity to help communities rise above poverty and promote overall economic development.”

    “Through GuruNanda’s partnerships with farming communities, we are able to create ethical, sustainable employment in underdeveloped regions. These collaborations lead to better income security and economic growth for the local society.

    Fair Payment
    “GuruNanda and its farmers collaborate in order to improve the quality of working conditions and keep farmers happy. Part of the reason why we are able to get the best essential oils on planet earth is that we provide our farmers with a fair payment. By working together, we create a progressive ecosystem of happy farmers, happy communities, and ultimately, happy customers.

    From the GuruNanda Official Website

    The Verdict

    I have been using their Oils about a month now and I love them! They smell potent and not watered down at all too. (Yes, some do that.) The Honeycomb diffuser is awesome size and puts off a long lasting mist that is perfect for your kitchen or bedside.

    I have twins, so obviously I need some calming oils…. Ha! The Tranquility blend has become my fast favorite. They are strong smelling so you only need a drop or two with a carrier oil. In the diffuser, just use two to eight drops into your water tank. We use the Calming Sleep Blend by my husband’s beside at night for restful sleep.

    GuruNanda Uses

    Leak Proof Caps

    These dark amber glass bottles come with a secure cap, so you do not have to worry about spilling oils everywhere. Especially if you throw it in with your beauty products!

    State-of-the-Art Glass Bottles “Every time you open an essential oil, you are releasing nature into the air. To make sure you get to enjoy every drop, we’ve developed state-of-the-art leak-proof caps. Our high-quality, dark amber glass bottles increase the longevity of essential oils by reducing oxidation.”

    GuruNanda Diffusers

    They have several diffuser choices based on how large a space you need to fill. Here’s the one we are currently enjoying here! They are so calming to have going and are perfect to keep your kitchen area fresh too.

    “Diffusers break down essential oil micro-particles and disperse them.  
    The most popular type of diffuser is the ultrasonic diffuser. Ultrasonic diffusers disperse essential oils into the air as negative ions. The diffuser produces ultrasonic vibrations used to break down the essential oils into micro-particles, allowing the oil to be dispersed as a very fine mist into the air. The process runs extremely quietly – ideal for relaxing, sleeping and working.” – GuruNanda

    After using them a full month I would definitely recommend giving them a try! I added several options on my Amazon Page too! If you try them out, let me know what you think!