Taya B. Lash Review!

You know what makes you feel instantly Glam? LASHES.

I know some Lash options can be time consuming and can be pretty expensive, but all you need is a little practice and you’ll be a lash strip pro before you know it! I was recently sent some Amazing Faux Silk Lashes from a fellow MUA, Taya, and needless to say… I was in love. Her brand new line of Silk Lashes are to die for! She has her own Lash Glue too!

You can find them here and be sure to grab some of these beauties for Valentine’s Day and save 20% with the code: VDAY  Otherwise use my special code to grab 15% off: Jen15

Here is my video review on Taya B. Lashes and below are some of my favorites!


This is the Lash style “Maizy” and my jewelry above is from my favorite online shop “Onyx and Ash!”

You can find so many adorable boho jewelry choices on their website and Save 15% with the code: Jen15 (Woohoo!)

A few of my favorite Taya B. Lash Styles




Which one is your favorite?!

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