First Impression Video

Can this brush replace your sponge?

You can never have enough makeup tools, am I right? I kept seeing this brush all over my Facebook, and decided I gotta try this out!

This brush was gifted, but this was an honest first impression review!

Check out this short video below to see it in action. I did enjoy it better the second use, and realized it’s better to dot your foundation on your face and then use the Flawless Brush to blend it in.

The Details

Before you ask….. I looked up knock off versions. The cheaper versions can be truly not be cruelty free, which is not okay.

Another thing I liked was the ease of blending, especially down your neck which can be a tough spot to blend. It’s packed with synthetic bristles that help keep the product on Top on the brush, instead of seeping into the brush. This helps save more product, not only what you put on your face, but by it not wasting access product into the brush.

Save on product and Apply your foundation fast

Usually I will wet a sponge and apply that way, which honestly can take a bit to smooth out… this way you can spread your product on a wider space and get it blended quick!

Final Thoughts

Honestly, this can be a great multitasking brush! It’s affordable and you can use this code to SAVE 10%FLAWLESS10

I would use one for liquids and creams, and one for powders! Overall, I was really happy with the ease of it! I think it takes a little practice with using less product too.


Let me know if you check it out and try it!! Have a wonderful week!

Images- The Flawless Brush

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Jen R.

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