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How to wear our Lashes with Only Anchors
How to Trim your Magnetic Lashes
Care- Do not Get your Lashes Wet or put “Shake it Off” on them

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Lash Tips

*Here are some tips on using the Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash System

• Apply the Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner as you normally would or on top of your favorite eyeliner. (I usually wear it over my regular eyeliner!)

Let your first coat dry for 1 Minute. If it is still tacky, wait a little longer.

Repeat! Let second coat dry for 1 minute. It is important to apply 2 coats or the lashes will not have enough liner to stick to!

-After eyeliner is fully dry, hold the lash with the inner corner magnets against the eyeliner then place the rest of the lash down.

• When you are happy with the placement, lightly press the lashes to set them in place.
• Do not get your Lashes Wet! It will cause the lashes to shed. 

Anchors, what are they for? After applying your lashes, you can add the anchors for a little extra security if you would like or the lashes can be worn without the eyeliner and the anchors can be used! If you are prone to moister skin, wear them during difficult weather conditions, the anchors are great for these issues also. Just apply the anchors to each corner while wearing the liner and this will give you that added security.

If you run into some trouble with your lashes sticking to the eyeliner, here are some reasons why that could happen. It is possible the liner was wet when you applied the lashes. If Tacky, Wait a little longer. It’s not glue, so they lashes will not adhere when it is wet or tacky.  Another reason could be you need more liner. You must apply 2 coats, but sometimes people use extremely thin coats. If it is not working, apply another coat. You can also apply a little extra at the corners. Make sure your magnets are clean! They must be cleaned off between applications. Do not wet or soak the lashes themselves. This will cause damage to the lashes.

If the lashes are not staying down in the corners, it is possible they need to be trimmed. They are trimmable! Just make sure you match them up to your eye for sizing before trimming them. (Trimming video above)

One last tip! You do not want to get dry liner in your wet liner. It will not reconstitute like most make up, so instead of wiping off excess liner on the edge of your bottle, try having a towel or something to wipe off the brush on. If the dry liner gets back into the bottle it can create a chain reaction and cause the bottle to become clumpy and we don’t want that!

Here are a few extra videos for your new Lashes!

Magnetic Mascara Tutorial

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