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Can I just start with saying, “HOLY COW?!!!!”

You guys… this has been an incredible first 2 months! To say it’s been a blast is an understatement! Tori Belle now has over 5,000 Affiliates which is AMAZING. AHH!

It’s crazy to think this is just the beginning too. I cannot wait to see how the rest of this year shapes us as we continue to get more Lash styles and more! If you want to check out my Lashes website click here. We are growing so fast, it’s crazy to think where we will be even 6 months from now. Our full launch date is October 18th, to coincide with our Leadership Conference! Yay! I am so excited to see what amazing new products we will be getting next!

I wear Ladies Night the most! LOVE!

If you are new to Magnetic Eyeliner, your whole Lash Game is about to change! You can check out my Tips Videos on my Youtube HERE . I was not a fan of Lash Glue at all, so I absolutely LOVE this product and that there are different styles to choose from to. We will be getting Brown and Grey liner soon too!

Brown and Grey are coming soon!
Our glam “Selfie” Lashes

About Team Lashville

One of my sweet ladies came up with the name Team Lashville… and I LOVED IT. Although I live in Nashville, I have an amazing group of almost 100 fantastic women from all over the USA! And ALL ages which I LOVE! I am so thankful to be at the very start of Tori Belle and I cannot wait to see what this journey unfolds for all of us! Being at the start is an amazing opportunity! I am all in, and I believe that everyone goes at their own pace, and I will never push you either! I want true success for you and want to help you achieve your goals!

You can choose to make this a fun side hustle or a full time opportunity!

Being a Tori Belle Affiliate

Here’s a quick video below about being an Affiliate with Tori Belle from our CEO and inventor of Magnetic Eyeliner, Laura Hunter.

Feel free to Contact me for any questions you may have and I am so happy to help you!

Grab your Affiliate Lash Kit and Start today!

You’ll have a choice of either the “Ladies Night” Kit or “9 to 5!” Kit. You’ll also pick out your THE WORKS Brow color too! This brow gel is the BOMB. It comes in Black, Dark Brown, Brown ( warm toned ), and Taupe. You also get our awesome “Shake it Off” Eye makeup remover and plastic Tweezers. The Kit also includes 3 months of your personal Shopping Website to share for your customers and a Back Office Website which is awesome. As soon as you sign up, you’ll be ready to share your Shopping link!

Our Affiliate Kits will be changed up! The September kit included our awesome P3 Pore Perfecting Primer.

Team Lashville Opportunity Group

If you want an invite to our Team Lashville Opportunity Group on Facebook to check out more insider details, fill out this quick Form and I will be in touch to invite you!

Join my Lash Team Here!

Once you join, I will add you to our Team Facebook groups and get you started with resources and more! I truly want every person on my team to succeed and for this opportunity to be a blessing for them and their families.

Let’s Do this!

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First off, thank you for visiting my website! I hope I can sprinkle a little joy into your life and share some beauty tips and fun things in between. As a professional hair and makeup artist for 13 years my goal is help others see their true potential and to feel gorgeous, inside and out!

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