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If you clicked this link, You are a part of Team Lashville! If we haven’t met on Facebook, my name is Jen Russo! I know it can be overwhelming sometimes. The notifications… the groups.. the updates. I wanted to streamline the updates and make it simpler than ever, and help be an extra source for support! (If you ever have a question, just reply to this number too.)

My main goal is that you have everything you need to be successful with Tori Belle and the tools you need to reach your goals. I know that Lashes can seem like a simple thing, but to the everyday woman, they can bring Such confidence and help you feel complete. This is such a special opportunity to help others feel their best.

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Getting Started Guide PDF If you are new or need a place to Begin! (at bottom of the page)

Your Back Office Link– sign in with your website name and password you made. https://office2.toribellecosmetics.com/app.html#/Home

Your Shop link is always Shop.toribellecosmetics.com/ YOUR SITE NAME/home

TEAM LASHVILLE FACEBOOK GROUP-https://www.facebook.com/groups/937140583300572

Graphics Group for endless content you can use- https://www.facebook.com/groups/3095091297198121

Corporate Affiliate Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/toribelleaffiliates

Reach out to me Anytime by texting -833-552-0612 and I am so excited you are here!!!

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Getting Started Guide!

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