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I thought I would change up a beauty post to something a little different today. Something that gets a little touchy these days.

Call it what you may….. but there are zero reasons you shouldn’t try a Network Marketing company.

Yes, I said it.

And I am totally not saying, “You should ONLY join the company I am in” ect….. that is not what this is about. I am saying if you do choose to be a part of a network marketing company, that You are brave and strong for taking a leap of faith to do something for you. Where you are doing something where you are your own Boss, and you can control how little or how much you want to do at the end of the day. Let’s improve on the idea that all of these companies aren’t a negative thing, and that people that are a part of these companies aren’t one of “those people.”

If it fuels your passions and helps you reach your personal goals, DO IT SISTER.

After I had my twins, I was craving an outlet just for me. To be honest I felt a little lost. I was used to doing hair and makeup professionally full time, so I was craving an outlet to keep that part of my life that brought me joy in helping other’s feel their best! I am totally not saying my twins alone weren’t enough, trust me. Being a mama is the most fulfilling and biggest blessing in my life. I think it is totally ok to continue to pursue your dreams and passions after you start a family!

After being with another beauty company for over a year, I found that I wasn’t fully in anymore. And that’s ok! It helped me in So many ways other than extra income. It helped me gain confidence and I learned A Ton about social media and more. I met some incredible people too! Yes, the goal is to bring in some money at the end of the day, but it’s a whole step in a direction for you, and to help you become the best You.

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The Sisterhood

Here’s the thing. Is this going to vary from company to company? Yes. Have I seen some of the ugly sides of some companies in the past, yes. But if you are fortunate to be on a supportive, caring Team, and choose a company that has values and leadership that aligns with yours, it can make a huge impact in your life. It can mean instant friendships and extra support more than a usual job can bring! I have met some incredibly talented women from just the past 3 months, and they are already dear friends! It is amazing the connections you can make and it allows you to be there for one another in your up’s and down’s in life. That to me is GOLD.

Being supported is important for you to succeed. To be kept accountable and to grow through challenges does push you, but it helps mold you. I have never been in a place of leadership, until now. It’s been incredibly rewarding and taught me a ton already! In a normal circumstance it can take YEARS to be in a place of leadership… think a bout that. This happened in only 6 weeks.

The Rewards

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One really cool thing about most network marketing companies, is the Trip Incentives! Usually you can be rewarded with a trip if you reach certain goals, which is an awesome way to set goals for yourself to win a free vacation! We are only three months old, so we don’t have any trip incentives yet, but there will be! These are awesome for you to connect with other’s in your company and really be a part of a sisterhood! Who wouldn’t love a free vacation?! This mama is all about it!

Free Product Perks

Let’s be real, free stuff is awesome. Usually most companies reward you with product credits, so you aren’t out of pocket on personal product and you can use your free products for Giveaways and more! Not to toot our own horn, but our company has the most generous free product credit plan I have ever seen. Last month I earned a LOT of completely Free products! I am so grateful. It really helps to be able to earn to help promote and build your business!

Personal Development

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I can literally say that being a part of a network marketing company has changed my life for the better. I am not saying it won’t be hard work, and take time to build a successful team, but it will be SO WORTH IT. If something isn’t working for you, change it. If you aren’t passionate about your company, try something else. You will truly know when you are Home.


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Whether you are a Mama or not, having something that allows you to work towards your goals in your timing is huge. You decide how little or how much you want to do. Being able to do it all from social media and not even leave your house, is HUGE. Until my twins go to school, I will continue to do freelance work and build with our beauty company! I needed something that gave me a sense of fulfillment with helping build up others, and this is absolutely perfect!

I hope this has been insightful of how it can be an amazing addition to your life. I really strive to show a positive side of these companies and that they can be so much more for you!

Cheers to all the Boss Babes out there! You are Amazing!!!!

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