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I’m going to be real transparent with today’s post and why I chose Maskcara Beauty. Let’s be honest… when it comes to “side hustles” today there are A LOT of choices right now and so many companies to choose from it can be so overwhelming. Kelly (the epitome of #momboss with 5 kiddos) reached out to me on social media when Maskcara opened up their artist program two years ago, and I was starting up with another company (that was more skincare related) and it ended up being a total train wreck with that company. I poured so much of my time as a new mom to twins, and my energy into something that my heart really wasn’t invested in. If you are selling something just to sell something, don’t do it. You will get burnt out and worn down if your heart isn’t behind what you are offering. Long story short, I could kick myself in the butt that all of that time I didn’t pour my heart into something that fuels my passion, which is helping other’s feel their best. You know you are in the right place when what you are doing brings you joy, and doesn’t feel like a “job.”

I remember watching some of Cara Brooke’s first Youtube videos and following her for years for awesome hair and makeup tips. I knew I wanted to be a part of Maskcara because I believed in her vision that with the right makeup and tools, any woman could feel glamorous and confident! So this past Summer I made the leap and I never looked back.

If you already have your mind made up on being an artist click HERE!

I love this video below on the back story of how Maskcara Beauty was created and brought to life with Cara’s vision.



Simplify your Routine

I couldn’t love this concept more. As a woman (especially a Southern woman) you feel this pressure to be “put together” and it just takes time, right? Haha. Cutting down the time on your makeup routine is a game changer and 3D Foundation can truly can transform your look within minutes! You can’t beat that. Being a mom is the biggest blessing and can be so challenging at the same time, and some days you just want to go makeup free! (Which is totally ok!) The last thing you want to do is spend an hour trying to put on your makeup. That’s why after I saw the simplicity of it, I fell in love! To feel more put together in minutes is amazing!


Brace yourselves people…. here’s my before and after! There’s no glow like it and filters be gone!!


As a makeup artist I had hoped it would be professional level products and quality, and they are! You have the ability to do a quick, simple look or take it up a notch with an accent highlight and stronger contour. The creams are amazing multitaskers, are buildable, and have corrective power. Beyond that, you do Not have to be a professional to be a Maskcara Artist. I know the thought of highlighting and contouring can sound overwhelming, but I lovingly joke… If my Mom can do it.. anyone can! If you have a passion for beauty and helping others you will feel at home.

Maskcara Beauty Mission Statement


The Maskcara Tribe

I am beyond impressed with how kind everyone is. There isn’t this underlying competitive feeling between artist. It truly is a supportive place and I havent had one bad experience whatsoever. I love that we all are in this together and it doesn’t involve “stepping” on people to get to the top. Trust me… I’ve seen that first hand in the past. Leaders are truly leaders and care about you and your success personally and with your business! If you join my team I will be there for you all the way! We do not make money on the Kits purchased and I think that is wonderful because then it’s not a “buy our kit and disappear” act. (Which has happened to me before too. Ha ha.) Our Facebook group is filled with support and weekly Live’s from Cara herself. That says a lot.


Let’s Get Down to Business

I know what you are thinking… so how would Maskcara benefit your life financially? I hear you. Usually starting with a new beauty business can be expensive… but since I purchased my initial kit, (I even got the basic one) I haven’t had to purchase ANY additional makeup. Say What?! Maskcara rewards are amazing! (More on this later) Usually you have to keep buying and keep buying to keep up, but thankfully through online party sales you can be rewarded with credits for Free makeup or discounted product. HECK YES. That is a lifesaver alone.

More reasons to love being an Artist:



Level Up

Most companies have “tiers” and Maskcara has different Artist levels! Here’s a breakdown on them below and the retail commission you earn at each one!

For you to be able to send customers your personal link for them to shop, they provide you with a Maskcara Website and back office to track all of your information and keep your Online Parties organized. They keep it simple which I love. It’s only 11.95 a month! (sorry the graphic has the old Fee amount) * That is your only monthly fee. Period. No annual “renewal” either!

A brief summary of Maskcara Artist Compensation:

1. 20% Commission right after you sign up on your sales.

You don’t need to hit any specific number to receive the 20%. Score.

2. Earn up to 40% commission each month without having to have a downline*.

*If you are interested in creating downlines, there are opportunities to earn additional.

This is Huge. There is zero pressure for you to build a team. I will not pressure you to build a team I promise. I will support

3. Only cost, outside purchasing your Artist kit, $11.95 per month for your back office support. 

Do artists keep inventory?

No. (you can if you are in a Salon environment, but it’s not required)

Going to the Post Office all the time can be a pain. The Maskcara corporate team has made it so easy on us.  They package it for us, they ship it for us, they deal with returns/exchanges; and their customer service is amazing!


Maskcara Training

There are so many amazing videos and resources for artist! When you sign up, you’ll watch short informative videos to help you learn about the products and so many tutorials, you’ll be a pro in no time! Color matching is not overwhelming! I can always help you out if you need a second opinion. They are continuing to come out with new amazing products every season too!


Another thing I love is that the scale of Maskcara Artist is still small, so now is an amazing opportunity because it’s growing!

What countries is the Maskcara artist program currently available in?
United States (July 2017) and Canada!

Where do artists get their marketing material for social media, parties, etc?
We are provided with both paper and electronic marketing materials.  Artists are able to access photos for social media via the app and dropbox as well. This is a life saver!

Kit Choices

Here’s the two Kits that are offered for Artist. You get SO much product in each of these and they will give you an amazing amount and range of colors and skin tones to start and learn with! Our packaging is so pretty you almost don’t want to open it up! Haha.


I would absolutely love for you to Join my growing team!

Click Here to Join my Team!

I am so thankful and excited for my Maskcara Beauty journey and couldn’t be happier with my choice to be an Artist with this amazing company!

If you have any questions at all feel free to email me at jen@maskcaratwinmama.com


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